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Training on a higher level

We can help you elevate your career!

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Career development training for the position you love

Jump start your career development NOW by signing up for our FREE training on Behavioral Interviewing. Get your 1st course on us towards your full certification!
We are warning you now, you will never interview the same again after this eye-opening class.
  • Learn the awesome step by step technique around behavioral interviewing
  • Ensure all your key skill points were communicated in your interview
  • Stay top of mind with your potential employers
If you are ready to take your interview skills to an entirely new level this is your 1st class ticket.
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We are so excited that you stopped by to check out Best in Class Nanny! We often get the question from Nannies on whether or not our training certification is a fit for them. So to make things easy for you take a minute or so to check out the following questions. They will certainly give you clarity on if our program is a match for you.

  • Are you frustrated with short-term/random jobs with low to average pay $8 to $10 per hour yet the expectations are a laundry list of duties?
  • Do you have solid childcare experience, but you can’t seem to get in front of committed long-term families or agencies?
  • Have you worked with many families and built your experience, but don’t feel fully confident explaining, exhibiting or communicating what you are great at?
  • Do you wish you had some sure fire tools and resources that will WOW potential employers and ensure you will be their ultimate resource?
  • Do you feel like if you had a salary negotiation strategy you could ask and get $20 to $25 per hour which is what you are really worth?
  • You leave the work agreement and benefit options to the employer because you are fully comfortable with the process?
  • You desire to work with top agencies that offer placement with elite families? Equally important the agency respects and supports their nannies, understanding the investment you have made in your career and that you truly are an expert at what you do?

Good self-reflection questions – huh?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above that means our certification program would be a PERFECT opportunity for you.

We would be delighted to partner with you in your career development by equipping you with innovative tools and resources to ensure you stand out from the competition and set the tone for the Nanny industry.